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In today’s world, the only constant is change. From pandemics to wars to economic turmoil, our financial welfare can change in the blink of an eye. Building a passive income isn’t optional. It’s essential if you want to sleep easier at night, with more security, stability, and financial freedom. One of the most popular forms of passive income is eCommerce – an industry worth a staggering $5 TRILLION (yes, with a T) as of 2021. And with people shopping online more than ever before, the timing has never been better to get into eCommerce. But with every eCommerce platform claiming to be the best thing since free Wi-Fi, which do you choose? Who do you trust? What should you sell?


While there are plenty of social media platforms out there, few are as powerful as Facebook when it comes to reach. In fact, Facebook Marketplace currently has over 800 MILLION users across 70 different countries as we speak. That’s 1 in 3 people in the U.S alone! While certain “trendy” social platforms claim to be leaving FB in their trail of dust, it’s simply not true. Facebook always has been – and likely always will be – THE social media giant no one can outshine.

We’re here to do all the hard work on your behalf, so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor! From building your Facebook marketplace store to sourcing products people want, to fulfilling orders, we get our hands dirty – so you don’t have to. We’ll even keep your product catalogue up to date and upload all items for sale on your behalf. With Marketplace in your pocket, you can effortlessly transact with shoppers on the devices they’re never without – their smartphones.

We only make money when you do. Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge a monthly fee, and neither do we. Once you’ve paid your small one-time setup fee, you won’t pay us another cent until you make a sale. No absurd ad costs. No nasty surprises like you’d find with other-ecommerce platforms- that-won’t-be-named.
We work on a strict profit-sharing business model, because we are passionate about helping our clients succeed on Facebook Marketplace – an appreciating digital asset that opens up a whole new world of passive income possibilities.

Why is eCommerce profitable? Because people will always need stuff. From discounted toilet paper in bulk to the latest Bluetooth headphones, mankind’s need for material things isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And when you work with us, you’ll always be selling the most on-trend “stuff” that people are actively Googling as we speak.

Imagine waking up in the morning, sipping on your coffee, and opening Facebook to see how many sales you’ve made. Ah, that’s the life – and with us on your team, it can be your reality.


If you’re a U.S resident with a Facebook account, a stable internet connection, and the drive to build a passive income that will last for years to come, add this to your basket now and let’s chat! Watch the Video Below

This is a short call to see if you qualify for an Official Fully Automated Amazon Store

This is a short call to see if you qualify for an Official Fully Automated Amazon Store

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